We cannot thank Success 2000 and Paul enough for seeing our daughter as different, not less than others and for helping us to give her an opportunity to be a truly independent autistic adult.

Joanne B., Mother of Grade 12 Student

Kevin's Pure Math 10 mark all semester long was 78%. Kevin took your Pure Math 10 review course and got 86% on his final exam. He was very impressed with the help he received. Thank-you Paul. We really appreciate how personalized your business is. You really care about these kids and their success.

Michelle A. Mother of grade 10 student

Before coming to Success 2000, our 10 yr old son was achieving marks in Mathematics in the mid-50% range. By the second report card, his Mathematics marks had moved into the high 80’s to low 90’s.

Melanie S., Mother of Grade 6 student

Success 2000 has played a leading role in my academic success. Without the encouraging and supportive help of my tutors, I would definitely not be a straight A student. The tutors are understanding, patient, and always willing to explain any question over again until I completely understand everything. They definitely go above and beyond to assist me in any subject that I need help in, and are extremely down to earth, honest, and good people. I always enjoy going to each tutoring session and I would recommend Success 2000 to anyone who needs extra help at school.

Mary S. Grade 10 student

Success 2000 has been a life saver. My son’s homework gets done, his marks have gone up and there is no fighting.

Gail F., Mother of grade 10 student

Brenda and I would like to acknowledge all your efforts with our son. We heard many good things about Success 2000 from many friends and colleagues. We decided to be proactive and enroll our son in your school before any scholastic difficulties manifested themselves. In retrospect we were correct in taking this approach where our child's learning needs were concerned. Your staff provided Alex with an excellent environment where he could review the school day's lessons. When he did need another perspective or corrective intervention, you and your staff did so in a way he found beneficial and unobtrusive. It is withour hesitation that we endorse your fine school for any and all families who may think their child might need some assistance in their academic pursuits.

Dino & Brenda V. Father & Mother of Grade 10 student

Thanks! Hayley appreciates your dedication, help, support and knowledge. I feel if a grade 12 student is having trouble and you fit her in with very little notice and in an hour give her the help necessary, then I can take a minute and say thank you and hats off to your study centre. Hayley enjoys attending all of your sessions available to her and always arrives home happy with positive comments.

Gerianne Z. Mother of Grade 12 Student

I have put my 3 children through Success 2000 for the past 13 years and truly think that they would have not succeeded if it wasn't for Success 2000. They truly care about the education of your children. They are willing to fit you in if you need to get in before an exam. My one son developed a huge bond with Paul and would only open up to him about school and friends. Sometimes you need to get through the feelings before you can learn. He is now going to SAIT in Calgary and is doing so well he was asked to be the valedictorian for this 2010/2011 school year. Pretty good for a little fellow who has a hard time to focus. Thank you Success 2000.

Donna K. Mother of Grade 12 Student

My tutor is the nicest lady. She listens to what kids are saying. She loves to talk to kids and correct them in the nicest way possible. She wastes no time at getting down to work and she always keeps track of what you're doing. She has been helping me at getting better marks and yes I have been getting better marks all because of her.

Danny S. Grade 6 student

The staff have improved the marks of my 14 year old son. -I would recommend Success 2000 for any parent who need assistance in the education of their child.

Terry R. Father of grade 9 student

You have helped both of my daughters. I think if it wasn't for all your help Chelsea wouldn't have graduated. Courtney thinks the world of you. It's never a problem to get her to come see you. In my opinion that in itself says a lot when a 16 year old will do it willingly. I can't say enough. Thank - you for all that you do.

Patricia F. Mother of grade 11 student

Over the last six years the staff have been very supportive in helping my child be successful in school. They have helped her build confidence in her learning and helped her build skills she will continue to use as she moves on. Thank you Paul! You have been more than a tutor. You have been a mentor and a model to my daughter.

Judy R. Mother of grade 12 student

In the beginning it was a tough decision to send our son to a tutor. With his father a teacher himself, we thought we should be able to help him ourselves. However, taking instruction from us was the last thing he wanted and he would resist it with attitude. He was entering Grade 7 and struggling with school and his overall confidence, especially in Math. The one-on-one tutoring sessions helped him regain his confidence and he was able to grasp the concepts more easily. In the 3 years since he started at Success 2000, he has never once complained about going. I think he actually looks forward to it. His grades have not increased to that of an honour student, but he is maintaining his C-B average with much more confidence. This last year, our daughter started sessions for Grade 10 Math & Science. We have found the same results with her. After leaving her weekly session, she has more confidence and positivity. She likes her tutor and also looks forward to 'figuring things out' with her each week. We are very grateful and appreciate the time and effort Success 2000 has invested in our kids. You can expect to keep seeing us around for a few more years! THANK YOU!

Heather K. Mother of grade 9 & grade 10 students

My son was determined to take Math 10 Pure, despite not having the foundation for the course, and after the first exam, it was apparent that he needed help. At that time I also realized that my math skills were nowhere close to what they used to be, and that we needed professional help. A friend/teacher recommended Success 2000, and we have never looked back. My son had a significant jump in his math test scores and went from a very low average to a passing grade. Unfortunately for my son there were already a few low test scores to bring down his average before we got him the help he needed, but we all feel confident (Success 2000 tutors, we, the parents, and my son), that he is ready to move on to the next level, and we will start out with the tutoring at the beginning of the next year.

Donna W. Mother of grade 10 student

My son’s organizational skills have improved dramatically.-He now knows how to go about studying for an exam and he starts once he’s been informed, therefore he’s more prepared & confident in writing it.-Will ask teachers for clarification, whereas before, he’d lack the motivation to do so.-Less test anxiety = higher marks-Grades jumped from 55% in grade 7 to 80% in grade 8.-Completes homework without being told to do so.-The best thing I could do for my son’s education, money well spent.

Carolyn P.Mother of grade 8 student

My daughter felt very ‘at home’ after her first meeting with staff and never refused of ‘whined’ about going to Success 2000. Staff gave suggestions not only to the student, but also to the parents when it came to the learning process. The pretzels & water made a good first impression. Success 2000 helped raise my daughter’s school marks so that made her have more confidence in herself. She was able to ask questions without having to feel that she was asking a ‘dumb’ question- there is no such thing as a dumb question!!

Lorna B. Mother of grade 11 student

Highly recommend Success 2000.-Utilized the service for the past 4 years.- Daughters both honor students, have utilized homework help, private tutoring, midterm and year end review sessions.-Credit to Success 2000 for the extra help and clarification necessary to help them obtain a high academic performance.-Knowledgeable tutors.-Able to quickly access services that are convenient and affordable-Very friendly and positive staff who work very hard to empower student through re-learning of concepts and clarification.

Sheila H. Mother of grade 12 student

After trying out various private tutors and tutoring services, we turned to Success 2000 after hearing many positive comments from students and parents who had used the service. My son has now been with Success over four years, and all we have is praise. In the beginning, Paul and Christie took the time to match my son with a tutor who they felt was most suited to his needs, personality and learning style. It has paid off in spades as he has a wonderful relationship with his tutor and seeks her advice/opinions on many matters. Most recently, she has helped him select a school for his high school education.The atmosphere at Success 2000 is upbeat and friendly, very conductive to a positive leaning environment. Students are kept on task and monitored so no time is wasted, and as a parent, you know you have made a good investment. At the same time, the atmosphere is comfortable and fun, and enjoyable place to study and learn. Further, Success does much more than help with course material. They show students how to keep on top of homework, give tips on how to keep organized and how to stay focused in class. This gives struggling students a hand up as they begin to think ‘I can do this! I have the skills to succeed at school.’ Better students achieve higher grades and can challenge themselves to go the next step without the confines of classroom learning. At Success, communication between students, parents and tutors is welcomed and encouraged. As a parent, I have been able to seek advice and talk over my concerns knowing they want the very best for my child, and confident they are knowledgeable, informed, current and always professional. Any communication with the office is a pleasure. Concerns are dealt with by a cheerful office manager who is a problem solver and always seems to manage to find a way to make things work for everyone. She understands how busy families are and will do whatever she can to accommodate your situation. In all the time I have had to reschedule appointments, she has never made me feel it is an inconvenience or a bother. She is friendly and efficient, AND she loves the kids too! At Success 2000 they truly are committed to helping kids succeed not just in the classroom, but in life.

Wynne N. Mother of grade 9 student