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Be Smart. Ask Questions.

Success 2000 Study Centres has been proudly serving the St. Albert community for 20 years. Success 2000 Study Centres is a family owned and operated company. Owners Paul and Christie Kinkaide both grew up in St. Albert, attended school in St. Albert and Edmonton and after their post-secondary education recognized the need for flexible tutoring options for the varying needs of families in the community. Success 2000 Study Centres offers a wide range of educational services and individualized programs for students at the preschool level to the university level. Utilizing an ideal study environment, our qualified Tutors focus on individual preferences and strengths for learning and in turn work with students and their families to achieve personal and family goals.

Success 2000’s St. Albert office is conveniently located in the heart of the downtown area. Our office on St. Michael Street is walking distance from many St. Albert schools. Students enjoy spending time in our unique and relaxed learning environment after school, on weekends and during exam times. 

Tailored To Fit Your Needs

Every student has personal goals to reach. As well, each student has unique strengths, remedial needs and preferred learning styles. Our Tutors will build, with your family, a program that is tailored to your child’s specific needs. Our Tutors will make programming recommendations after an informal assessment of your child’s skills. It is then up to you to access our services as much or as little as needed. From a one hour review session to a longer term program, Success 2000 Study Centres helps students reach their personal goals.

Transferable Skills

Each student has a unique opportunity at Success 2000 Study Centres to develop transferable skills; concepts and attitudes that can be incorporated and used independently at home and in the classroom environment.

We accomplish this in two ways:

  1. We follow the Alberta School Curriculum at all levels and use many of the same teaching materials found in your child’s classroom. This allows our Tutors to model how to access, reference and extend the student’s learning materials.
  2. We incorporate Study Skills into ALL of our programs. These skills, tailored to meet the unique challenges facing students in St. Albert and neighboring communities, are invaluable lessons that are used not only in the classroom, but in creating a well rounded, thoughtful individual who will remain curious about learning for their entire lives.
Student Involvement

A positive attitude is essential for learning. At Success 2000 we help students to develop a positive and realistic attitude towards their learning, take ownership over their studies and encourage them to participate fully during their sessions.

Parental Involvement

We encourage parents to communicate with their child’s Tutor on a regular basis. Through communication our Tutors help families to set personal and family goals, design daily homework routines, deliver verbal progress reports and recommend supplemental programming.