Diploma Exam & Final Exam Review Courses

Diploma Exam Review Courses and Final Exam Review Courses are available in January and June.

Success 2000 Study Centres Review Courses have been designed to help students prepare for their final exams in the most effective way possible. Our Review Courses take students through a complete review of all materials covered during the semester or school year of the Alberta Curriculum in Grade 12 core subjects as well as some Junior High and Grade 10 and 11 subjects.

Our classes are spaced out over several weeks to optimize students learning. Shorter amounts of time for each review session enable students to review course content more effectively, and allows them time to practice concepts between review sessions if needed. Also, unique to our Review Courses, are our class sizes. We keep our class sizes small, so each student may have opportunities to ask individual questions and receive individualized answers. These comprehensive Review Courses are an ideal addition to any student’s Final Exam or Diploma Exam preparations.

Please contact the office for dates and times or check out the informational flyer on our home page.

Review Courses Include:
  • Twenty Hours Of Instruction
  • A Comprehensive Review Of Alberta Curriculum (course specific)
  • Class Times Spaced Out Over Several Weeks For Optimal Learning
  • Test Taking & Study Skills Booklet
  • A Course Book
  • Essential Review Notes & Practice Problems
  • A Mock Final Exam
  • Experienced & Engaging Instructors
  • Convenient St. Albert Locations
  • Small Class Sizes
20 Hour Diploma or End of Term Review Course $171.20 including G.S.T.