Study Skills Workshops

It is my experience that I can tutor classroom content until I am blue in the face, and that in itself may raise a student’s grade 10% to 15% for their next exam, but if I work on developing a daily homework routine, note taking skills and classroom confidence with a student, the effects will be lasting whether I see them once or regularly.

Paul Kinkaide Owner & Tutor Success 2000 Study Centres

Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies are approaches applied to learning. Mastery and regular use of these skills is vital to achieving success in school. The use of these skills is considered essential for acquiring good grades and are indispensible throughout one's life. Based on our experiences working with students in St. Albert and the surrounding communities for the past 20 years, we have noticed that many students have little knowledge of how to use study skills to their advantage. Learning how to study effectively, how to organize time and materials, or how to take complete and detailed notes efficiently are all skills that need to be learned and practiced to achieve success.

Our Study Skills Workshops are offered on the first and/or last Thursday of each month (except June). The program’s flexibility allows you to pick and choose which workshops you would like to attend. The workshops are designed to be useful for all ages of learners from grade 6 to adult.

Please contact the office for dates and times or check out the informational flyer on our home page.

Concepts Taught During Study Skills & Test Taking Courses:
  • Developing Intrinsic Motivation
  • Developing An At Home Study Environment
  • Building A Daily Homework Routine
  • Developing Organizational Techniques
  • Improving Time Management Strategies
  • Developing A Five Step Study Plan
  • Developing A Note Taking System
  • How To Make Study Sheets
  • Conquering Test Anxiety
  • Five Step Study Plan
  • Multiple Choice Test Taking Skills
Single Workshop