Homework Monitoring Program

Homework Monitoring Program is available Monday to Thursday from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Students can receive help with any subject in either English or French during the afterschool Homework Monitoring Program.

Students in grades seven through twelve can use the small group tutoring program in three ways:

  1. Attend every day after school for the two hour session.
  2. Attend regularly a couple days per week.
  3. Drop-in students attend afterschool on days they had trouble with classroom concepts.

Our Homework Monitoring Program is an excellent small group study program for students to utilize to complete their daily homework assignments and study for tests and quizzes. Students will study in a quiet, comfortable & well resourced environment, with access to experienced and caring Tutors to answer their individual questions and re-teach troublesome concepts. We also provide valuable study skills & test taking skills to help student to study better, not harder.  Our Tutor to student ratio is 1:8.

Lifetime Registration Fee $192.50
Monthly Homework Monitoring Program (9 or more sessions per month) $325.00/month
Drop-in Homework Monitoring Program (8 or less sessions per month) $40.00/2 hour session